Lynn Williams Leppich

Picture Perfect

Lynn Williams Leppich

Spannungsaufbau und filmische Mittel in einem Film Noir untersuchen

Modefotograf Brendan legt Wert auf Perfektion in seinen Bildern; die Entdeckung einer Leiche in der Nähe des Studios droht seine heile Welt zu gefährden. Anhand der Flashbacks im Kurzfilm Imperfect verfolgen die Lernenden, wie er sich das mutmaßliche Geschehen zusammenreimt, und lernen Mittel zum filmischen Spannungsaufbau kennen. Sie entwerfen eine eigene Filmszene, indem sie inhaltliche und stilistische Vorgaben, auf deren Basis der Film gedreht wurde, abändern.

Imagine the challenge: a film director sets out not just to create an original film, but to create one which responds to potential viewers requests, some of which place huge constraints on his or her artistic work. Writer/director Michael Tucker rose to that challenge with Imperfect (2012, see box).
Imperfect a 1940s style film noir
Imperfect a 1940s style film noir
USA 2012. Directed by Michael Tucker. Finite Films.
This short crime film in the style of a 1940s film noir tells the story of Brendan Holloway, a fashion photographer on a mission to find the most perfectly photogenic model ever. When his muse (and ex-girlfriend) is murdered on set, he starts to wonder about the true motivations of the model who is standing in for her. Brendan simply cant understand how the new model, Emma, could have been in two places at the same time, both at the photo studio and at the crime scene. As he tries to unravel the crime, he invites viewers to investigate with him. The film is told using flashbacks in a voiceover narration from Brendans point of view and is ultimately resolved in a nail-biting final sequence.
Internet the full movie
Imperfect ( is a short crime film in the style of a 1940s film noir (see Basisartikel). It deals with a topic which young learners typically find fascinating contemporary perceptions of beauty and the pressure in todays society to achieve and maintain the perfect appearance. From a practical perspective, this short film lends itself to classroom work not only because of the motivating topic and exciting development of the story, but also because the language is suitable for the level. Finally, at just under 24 minutes, the film is the perfect length for concentrated class room learning sequences whilst still offering substantial input.
The unit progresses from understanding the gist of the film towards a deeper analysis and eventually independent production of a related piece. Students find out how suspense is introduced and built up in a short crime film and then create their own suspenseful version of a key scene.
After engaging with this visually appealing short crime film, learners can:
  • describe the action, characters, relationships and motivations in a short crime film
  • identify basic cinematic techniques for creating suspense and analyse their effectiveness
  • suggest what makes a crime film successful and express their opinions on this film
  • use their knowledge, ideas and opinions to produce their own creative take on the film by changing the restraints.
As this teaching unit aims to guide learners in their own discovery of the genre of the short crime film, the teacher might like to initially watch the film as learners will see it first, i.e. without any preconceptions (if so, watch now before reading on!). The teacher can choose from the following ways to open the unit:
  • Show one or more film stills (selected to awaken interest and raise questions) and ask learners what they think the film might be about (recommended stills: 0:35, 1:56, 2:32, 3:33; 6:01, 7:30, 10:59; 12:04; 18:15)
  • Start with the line Id been waiting all day to shoot her and ask learners to brainstorm a possible film scenario in pairs which...

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